Araamu Spa at Sun Island Resort & Spa

Spa & Wellness

Time to relax

Araamu Spa offers the perfect escape from the strains of modern life. “Araamu” is a Dhivehi word, Sanskrit in origin, which means a blissful state of total relaxation.

Opening times
Spa hours: 9:00 – 20:00
Last treatment begins at: 19:00


Spa treatments

Our treatments are provided in the pavilions. Our spacious garden room is fitted with two beds, enabling couples to enjoy a relaxing massage together. A private bath, Jacuzzi, and steam room complete the interior of these private havens.

Yoga Retreat

Get your energy boost directly from the Maldivian sun during our sunrise or sunset yoga sessions. Yoga means union of soul, body and mind. You are at the right place to start or continue your yoga journey. Daily yoga classes with breathtaking views include asana (body), meditation (mind) and pranayama (breath) sessions.

Detox program

Araamu Spa offers various detox programs which will help you to clean your body, become lighter and get more nutrients from food. Detox is very important in our modern life. As we are surrounded by pollution and chemicals, it is essential to flush toxins from our bodies. Our specialists will help you with choosing the best program and guide you through the journey. It may include organic food, detox drinks and massages.

Organic food

If you follow a healthy lifestyle or are just thinking of giving it a shot, it is easy to do so in our resort. Organic gardens with fresh herbs and vegetables, bananas, watermelon and melon plantations, coconuts – all of it is available for our guests. You can pick ingredients for your salad and choose any of our fresh cocktails and smoothies. Raised with love and care under bright Maldivian sun, our produce will give you the energy and strength you are looking for.