Sun Island Resort & Spa


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We love our island

In 2016, Sun Island Resort & Spa received the Leading Eco Resort in the Maldives award. As a modern and inspired eco resort, we are proud of our nature-friendly initiatives and various conservation programs.


Our tropical gardens

Our botanical gardens produce more than 20,000 coconuts each month as well as wide variety of other tropical fruits, vegetables and herbs served in restaurants across the island. Our lush tropical gardens are only possible because of the exceptional work of our environmental manager and gardening staff. Feel free to have a chat and learn more about how we retain such high standards in the ecosystem we occupy.

Coral Reef Rehabilitation

Maintaining a healthy reef ecosystem is vital for the Maldives. Recent events related to climate change and widespread coral reef bleaching are even more damaging for a place such as the Maldives. Our dive center has established a rehabilitation program for growing artificial coral reefs and recolonizing the existing ones.

Our white sandy beaches

Beautiful beaches and turquoise lagoons are signature experiences of the Maldives. Here at Sun Island, we are proud to have one of the longest uninterrupted beach shorelines of all islands in the Maldives.

Migratory bird sanctuary

Various migratory birds take shelter in the dense tropical vegetation of Sun Island. While birds can be seen everywhere across the island, their true sanctuary is located close to our botanical gardens and has been left untouched. Enjoy the bird songs and become at one with the nature.