Snorkel with the gentle giants of Maldives - The Mantas, from May to November, just 20 minutes from the beautiful Royal Island Resort located in Baa Atoll. Book now to receive early bird discounts on the experience!

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Manta Ray?

Manta rays may reach a disc width up to 670 cm and there have been reported sightings of 910 cm width; specimens of 400 cm disc width or more are common. They are harmless as they have no sting or venomous spine.

Manta rays are capable of rapid speeds and will sometimes leap high out of the water, landing with a loud slap. Where manta rays gather there is a possibility that you might see a mating dance - several males chasing a single female each displaying its own acrobatic skills, competing with each other for the female. Females can sometimes be seen with a swollen tummy indicating pregnancy. The rays are often seen in shallow water whilst feeding on the surface.


It's an exciting time at Baa Atoll which has been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to the biodiversity and the yearly event that takes place! There are a hundred reasons to visit this atoll during the months between May to November where Hundreds of Mantas and dozens of whale sharks engage in a feeding frenzy in the Protected lagoon of Hanifaru bay just 20 minutes by boat from the beautiful Royal Island Resort and Spa.

With some luck and experience from our professional guides, you may be able to witness the breathtaking event where mantas dance in unison showing off their skills in devouring the planktons in the nutrient-rich waters of the blue lagoon. Dont miss out!

The Manta Talk

"I was lucky to be there in summer season. In September it is Manta season. I did the excursion to See the mantas (they never guarantee you see them, but I could not miss a lifetime opportunity).. And we found them. So amazingly beautiful to swim with them. I hope I can go back soon. I recommend this resort"

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