Excursions at Royal Island


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Embark on a whole host of adventures

The Royal Island Resort & Spa offers guests a variety of activities on and off the island. Take a trip out to the nearby reefs and discover an underwater wonderland, enjoy an exciting fishing trip, or meet some of the local residents during an island tour.


Night fishing
An opportunity to watch from the dhonis as reef fish began their nocturnal feeding frenzy. Be alert as fish tend to eat and run, cheating the eager fisherman of his catch.

Big game fishing
Maldivian waters are famous for big game fishing and it is recommend that fishing enthusiasts pre-book their fishing boats, particularly during the high season from November to May. Modern well-equipped deep-sea fishing boats can be hired to take guests beyond the coral reef to deep blue waters, three miles away from the island.


Island hopping
Visit one local island, one uninhabited island and one resort. Have a barbecue, go snorkeling on a private island and create lifelong memories.

Hello neighbours
Let us take you to a local island and a nearby resort for you to compare the differences. Meet the friendly people of these tiny islands and discover more about their way of life.


A subdued, calm alternative to fishing. Get on a dhoni and enjoy a cocktail while watching the sun go down in a kaleidoscope of colors.


The lagoons of Baa Atoll are home to some of the more unique marine life such as lionfish, angel fish and large manta rays. In order to preserve this underwater wonderland, guests are reminded not to step on corals, or break or take away any part of the reef.