Diving Experiences at Royal Island

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Discover the true beauty of Baa Atoll

This quiet corner of Baa Atoll is home to countless dive sites. You’ll have the chance to swim through colorful coral reefs, get up close to all sorts of species of fish, and between May and December, you may also encounter manta rays.

Horubadhoo Thila

Dive site

Horubadhoo Thila is one of the local marine protected dive sites and it is just a five-minute boat ride from Royal Island. Spanning from a depth of 12 meters to 16 meters, the reef has colorful soft corals, anemones and sea fans. It is also home to an abundance of fish life including nudibranchs, and schools of fusilier, tuna and jack fish. You may also encounter grey reef sharks, stingrays, and eagle rays.

Madi Thila

Dive site

Located west of Royal Island, this popular dive site comprises two big coral blocks and a sandy sea bed. You’ll often see sting rays and eagle rays feeding here, as well as nurse sharks, frogfish and stone fishes. Occasionally, barracudas also pass by.

Nelivaru Beyru

Dive site

This very long reef outside Baa Atoll is home to schools of snappers, rabbit fishes and fusiliers, tunas and trevallies, and groupers. When conditions are good, you may also encounter eagle rays, sharks and Napoleon fish. Between May and November, manta sightseeing is common at the cleaning station on the top reef. As the reef is fairly shallow, it is suitable for beginners.

Dhonfanu Thila

Dive site

Dhonfanu Thila is one of the best dive sites for advanced divers. The stronger the current, the more this place has to offer. Groups of friendly Napoleon fish, eagle rays, jack fish, tuna, and grey reef sharks can often be seen in a strong current. The top reef is also home to moray eels, scorpion fishes, groupers and other colorful fish.


Dive site

Located next to the very famous Hanifaru Bay, the Kakani dive site can be reached in around 40 minutes by boat. There are lots of overhangs covered with soft corals and, on a regular basis, nurse sharks and stingrays take shelter here. A narrow coral ridge connects the dive site to the reef of Kihaad, where schools of banner fish and turtles are commonly found.

Maavaru Thila

Dive site

This is a place where divers have a chance of seeing everything! Massive dogtooth tuna roam around the pinnacle, schools of trevallies and barracuda hunt in the current, and grey reef sharks, Napoleon fish, turtles and stingrays are all also common. Between December and March, there is a chance you may meet manta ray. As it takes more than an hour to get there, we normally visit this area on our full day trips.


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