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South Ari Atoll is one of the most popular destinations for diving in the world - and it’s easy to see why. Our range of diving excursions are perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced scuba divers. Each one is led by our team of professionals at DiveOceanus and all equipment and tuition is provided.

Manta Point

Dive site

Between January and May, this is the perfect dive site to encounter Mantas. With a shallow reef that gently drops to 30 meters, it’s perfect for all levels of divers. Here you can watch the giant rays get cleaned by smaller fish. Often you also can see silver tip and grey reef sharks enjoy being cleaned too. They will swim very close to you, but do not try to touch or chase them - just enjoy the show.

Bodufinolhu Thila

Dive site

This dive site is an outside reef which slopes down to 30 meters. A few meters in front of the reef, there is a thila with a height of 23 meters. Here you will always see whitetip sharks resting between the reef and the thila, and sometimes grey reef sharks too. You will also often encounter eagle rays, mobulas, leopard sharks and, back on the main reef, all different kinds of fish such as snappers, puffer fish and fusiliers. 

Five Rocks

Dive site

This is one of the smallest, but also one of the most beautiful, thilas in the area. The five deep coral blocks create small canyons to swim through. This fantastic reef is covered by hard and soft corals, gorgonian sea fans, and sponges, and is home to a range of unique marine life. You’re also likely to encounter grey reef sharks, whitetip sharks, tuna and barracuda. 

Kuda Rah Thila

Dive site

The most famous dive site in South Ari Atoll is home to lots of soft corals, sea fans and pink anemones, as well as an abundance of fish. There are two big overhangs with beautiful gorgonians, a small arch to swim through, and big blocks of colourful coral. You’ll encounter lots of snappers, fusiliers, and grey and whitetip reef sharks. You also are able to see jack fish hunting.

Hurolhi Beru

Dive site

Hurolhi Beru is a newly discovered dive site. This place is outstanding for big fish. You can encounter grey reef sharks, lots of whitetip sharks, big federtail stingrays, Napoleons, tuna, and rainbow runners. There is a big overhang surrounded by a sandy bottom which is full of anthias and small cleaner fish. Mantas, eagle rays and sharks like to stay there and you can see them getting cleaned.

7th Heaven

Dive site

Soft purple, pink and yellow coral covers the whole reef. Overhangs can be found on different levels and are home to a big variety of marine life including sharks, reef fish and moray eels. 7th Heaven can only be reached when there is a medium outgoing current.

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