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The Araamu Spa offers a range of treatments that are designed to nurture the body and soothe the soul. Choose from classic treatments such as Swedish massage, opt for one of our rejuvenating body wraps, or indulge in a luxurious Royal Honey Facial. When you choose one of our 50-minute treatments, you’ll also enjoy one of our little extras as a complimentary add-on.


Araamu Theyo Dhemun, 50 minutes

Using a blend of geranium orange oil, and a combination of pressure strokes, our therapists target key pressure points to relax stiff muscles, improve skin elasticity, and energize the body.

Swedish Massage, 50 minutes

This full body massage uses a sweet-smelling lavender chamomile oil alongside a combination of long gentle strokes and firm circular movements to release tension and restore calm throughout the body.

Thai Massage, 50 minutes

This traditional dry massage has been used in Thailand for centuries. Using their elbows, feet and hands, our experienced therapists pull, bend, and stretch your muscles to release tension and relax the entire body.

Cooling Body Wrap, 50 minutes

Featuring a blend of cucumber, yoghurt and fresh mint, this cooling full body wrap is perfect after a day in the sun. It also includes the application of fresh cucumber slices to the face and a soothing scalp massage.

Royal Honey Facial, 50 minutes

This indulgent facial uses a blend of honey, lime, and cucumber - all of which are renowned for their healing, softening and moisturizing properties.

A little extra

Foot & Leg Massage, 25 minutes

This relaxing massage uses a blend of softening essential oils to soothe tired and aching feet after a long day of adventures.

Deep Cleansing Facial, 25 minutes

Ideal for both men and women, this intensely relaxing facial treatment deeply cleanses and tones, while gently removing dead skin cells.

Full Body Scrub, 25 minutes

This energizing full body treatment uses all-natural ingredients to leave your skin feeling velvety soft with a gorgeous glow.