Araamu Spa

"Araamu" in the local language means "soothing" or relaxing or relieving.

Rejuvenating Maldives Luxury Spa Treatments

Colours, light, music and exotic aroma blends here to portray the Zen lifestyle. Rich fabrics in earthy shades of olive, mustard and walnut accented by Asian artwork and handcrafted furnishing by Maldivian Artisans as well as bamboo framed partitions, warm wood flooring and powdery white sand paths, will bring you the best of Asian hospitality.

Be ready to indulge and relax in this space.

Relax, Relieve & Indulge inside Araamu Spa

Araamu Spa Boutique consists of well appointed interiors and is impeccably maintained, with any visitor getting a homely feeling at first instance. You will be personally attended to through the buying process. The Spa Products on display are self explanatory, nevertheless we provide personal suggestions on treatments and procedures.

Continue to live in close communion with nature even after you leave Araamu Spa. Make it your memorable holiday experience by taking a few of the best offers back to your home.

Araamu Spa Retreats

Araamu Spa is a trendsetter in promoting spa and wellness all over the Maldives since 2003 in the light of the vibrant leisure industry’s inclination towards the natural alternative ways of treatments. Throughout the past, we have introduced new trends, keeping in mind the holistic concept of natural cure and care among the health conscious society with international standards and trends. We are driven by the vision of providing holistic healthcare and total wellness through natural ways, where the services will soothe the body, mind and soul. We hold a strong position in Ayurvedic as well as  Aromatherapy services and products.


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Araamu Spa Retreats
in Maldives

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