Five best Araamu Spa Experiences you need

Araamu SPA is an invigorating destination, everyone need for complete relaxation and utter bliss. Given that SPA offers a wide selection of classic and Ayurvedic therapies, it comes as no surprise that you hesitate concerning the right choice. Here, we picked the best SPA experiences for you to balance and heal your spirit and body.


A very special Ayurvedic therapy, called Sirodhara, designed for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Full body oil massage, warm and steady flow of aromatic oil on the forehead, special Ayurvedic powder applied to neck and particular face points, completed with a scalp massage culminate in a blissful sensation.  Relaxing background music, numerous benefits of massage and oil treatment turns this therapy a holistic remedy for body and soul.

Coconut and Sandalwood Body Scrub.

Exceptionally gentle skin exfoliation therapy, where you’ll be cleansed with tender coconut and Sandalwood scrub. Extremely satisfying 35 minutes experience, sealed with refreshing shower and nicely scented body lotion. SPA therapists recommend to take this procedure the first day at the resort to purge toxins, stimulate blood circulation and prepare your skin for glowing bronze tan.

Araamu Theyo Dhemun.

The treatment starts with a traditional foot ritual, what makes it particularly luxurious! This whole body massage with scented Ayurvedic oil, takes you through joyous journey that encompass pleasant strokes, different pressures, and tender scalp massage. Araamu Theyo Dhemun allows to release muscles tension and reduces stress. You can personalize treatment, by simply advising your therapist about the pressure level and areas for concentration.

Private yoga lesson.

A private yoga retreat in a tranquil atmosphere of our spa centres will help you to feel peaceful and revive your true self. Passionate yoga instructor will adjust lesson for your level of physical training, health goals, and personality.  Specific aromatic oils, dim light, and sound of waterfall showers create a special atmosphere. Ask your therapist to recommend best yoga practices, which you can incorporate into your busy daily routine.

Deep Cleansing Facial.

Exclusive facial treatment specifically designed for intense cleansing.  Combination of dual exfoliation, deep cleansing mask, gentle facial and neck massage, natural moisturizing elixir leaves skin smooth, refreshed, toned and brighter.   

Whichever treatment you choose, Araamu SPA therapists will ensure you have a highly

pleasant and enjoyable experience. Do you have anything to add? We would love to hear about your SPA favourites.

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