When was the last time you Dined on a Tree Top?

When was the last time you dined on a tree top? If you haven’t or don’t remember it is time that you did. We are happy to announce the opening of ZERO  and ZERO PLUS restaurant  at Sun Island Resort & Spa

ZERO is truly a gastronomic adventure for those who are seeking the ultimate in healthy lifestyle and for those environment enthusiasts. With limited seating providing one of a kind dining experience on the ground, to that one exclusive table reachable by a hanging bridge on the treetop supported by planks attached to four coconut palms. This is just the beginning of the ZERO EXPERIENCE. Ever wonder how the food you eat is made and where their ingredients come from? At ZERO restaurant our friendly chef will help you to pick out the ingredients of your choice from a variety of greens grown right at our backyard which vary from several type of lettuce, herbs and many more. As Maldives is 99% sea, ZERO offers dishes cooked up with fresh seafood. This is a special garden that has been grown using modern technology and traditional methods with years of hard work and love being invested in it. Now it’s available for you to experience. Prior booking is recommended due to high demand. 

We Support Green

Green travel is an overarching term used to describe responsible travel practices that focus on economic, socio-cultural, and environmental sustainability. Green travel is about making sure that travelers choose businesses, tour operators, and transportation methods that maintain and preserve the ecological integrity of the environment and contribute to local community development; meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of current or future generations.

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