Christmas & New Year Program - Sun Island Resort

We also have a 19 days long program arranged leading up to Christmas and new year. Starting from the 20th of December till the 7th of January 2018. The program will include a variety of activities for all ages, such as sand art competition on the 23rd of December where a family could take part and enjoy together and a lovers’ night romantic dinner for the parents/couples to relax and enjoy the night away.

Let’s just say you will not have a dull moment with us during the festive season.  We have so many fun filled surprises coming your way. Who needs a white snowy Christmas when you can spend the Christmas working on your tan on white a sandy beach surrounded by the greenery of the island and turquoise ocean.

We Support Green

Green travel is an overarching term used to describe responsible travel practices that focus on economic, socio-cultural, and environmental sustainability. Green travel is about making sure that travelers choose businesses, tour operators, and transportation methods that maintain and preserve the ecological integrity of the environment and contribute to local community development; meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of current or future generations.

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