5 Awesome things to do in Sun Island Resort

Sun Island Resort & Spa Being one of the largest Resort Islands in the Maldives, there were plenty of activities with never a dull moment. The island has 7 different room categories with garden rooms, beach rooms, over the water rooms and presidential suites (something for everyone). With 5 different restaurants to satisfy every taste bud and 5 bars to quench your thirst. And let's not forget about Araamu Spa. Once you enter, you feel like the stress knots on your back begin to disappear. The treatments range from traditional Maldivian massages to Swedish, thai, Sarawak massages to name a few.


Swim with Whale Sharks 
We set out early in the morning with our snorkeling gear in hand. Once we are over the perfect spot we all jumped out into ocean. And we start exploring the ocean with these giant creatures swimming around us. This truly was one of the most humbling and amazing experiences in my life and one that everyone should try $51 per pax / 3days a week / 9:30 to 12:00


Photo Flight with SeePlane 
With the photo flight, we get to see Maldives from the sky (and this cost us $135 per person). They will fly us over the islands and the ocean while we relax and just take pictures of the serene beauty. The sightseeing plane is a seaplane painted like a whale shark.


Tree house lunch at ZERO Restaurant 
Now I've talked enough about exploring, so let's talk about food. Walking into the restaurant was like walking into a hidden oasis lost in the middle of a jungle. A bridge leading to a slightly tucked away tree top table where you and your loved ones can enjoy a wonderful fresh handpicked salads and meals bursting with flavor. When I mentioned fresh handpicked salad, what I meant was, you get to walk onto the farm and handpick your very own leaves and veggies on your own, then the chef will prepare the food and hand it to you.


Flyboarding at Sun Island Water Sports Centre 
Now that we are relaxed and explored out, let's get into some watersports. With so much activities to choose from such as parasailing, jet skiing, catamaran, wind surfing and so on. For $131 (45 minutes) we tried the Fly board which included a 15 minutes lesson and 30 minutes of pure fun soaring over the waters.


Maldives Beach Massage 
After a long day of activities, we went to the spa to relax. With steam baths to private jacuzzi rooms and so many massages to choose from. We decided to go for an Araamu theyo dhemun,the signature massage, for $113 and relaxed 50 minutes. We felt the stress literally melt away.

I would recommend Sun Island to you any day, truly a world of fun and adventure. 

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