Mantas Everywhere!

Manta season is almost upon us. With the dates set to mid of June till late November these majestic giants display their feeding behavior while munching on the tiny planktons that populate the all famous UNESCO biosphere reserve known as HANIFARU BAY, which is just a 30-minute boat ride from the tranquil resort of Royal Island Resort & Spa.

Famously known for their size these mantas pose no threats to the snorkeler, only snorkeling is permitted in this BAY, which helps to maintain and protect the vast traffic of Mantas that come to feed every year. Currently under the watchful eye of the Hanifaru Bay ranger’s, visitors are allowed during certain times of the day and our excursion to Hanifaru bay is every other day. Royal Island offers excursion at USD 99.00 per person during the Manta Season, as this is a natural occurrence it is not 100% guaranteed that you will witness them every time, however if you are lucky you will be going back home with a story for the ages.

With Royal Island located just 30 minutes from this world famous reserve, is a haven for the adventure seeker who can dive to various famous dive spots and enjoy our fully equipped water sports center. Either coming for a romantic gateway or to experience the dance of the Mantas Royal Island offers Something for everyone.

The sight of the Mantas feeding is a sight to behold. While hundreds of them stroll around freely or in packs that performance which can only be described as a dance in rhythm to the best symphony the world has to offer.

Don’t miss your chance to book Royal Island and get unbelievable offers for the season of May to November. Check out the video for a more moving experience.

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