Health & Safety At Villa Hotels


Enjoy peace of mind when you stay with us

We want you to always feel as safe and relaxed as possible when you stay with us. As part of our CleanStay@Villa initiative, we have introduced new health and safety measures throughout our resorts. This is not only to protect our guests and our staff but to ensure the Maldives remains one of the world’s best holiday destinations for years to come.

About CleanStay@Villa

Watch our video for an overview of CleanStay@Villa, our post-COVID-19 health and safety initiative that complies with guidance issued by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) of the Maldives and the Ministry of Health.

Our health and safety protocols

Find out more about the measures we’ve introduced throughout our resorts, from new check-in procedures and enhanced cleaning in our accommodation, to the changes we’ve made to our on-site facilities.

Frequently asked questions

Read through our FAQs to discover more about our CleanStay@Villa initiative, our on-site healthcare facilities, and the new processes we have introduced for airport transfers.

  • What are you doing to keep guests and resorts safe?

    Health and safety of our guests are our priorities. All Villa Resorts fully comply with health and safety guidelines, including Covid-19 related protocols, issued by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) of Maldives and the Ministry of Health. Our resorts also follow the recommendations set out by the World health Organization (WHO). For further details of specific health-related protocols, please refer to relevant questions under FAQ.

  • Are there changes to the way your hosts welcome guests on arrival at the airport and seeing them off after the holiday?

    Yes, our friendly hosts will welcome you at the airport and follow protocols developed by health experts. Our hosts will wear appropriate protective gear, such as face masks, and maintain social distancing. We will disinfect our reception counter regularly. If required, face masks and hand sanitizer are available for our guests from our counter.

  • Is my transport to and from the resorts safe?

    Yes, our speedboats and domestic aircrafts that transport guests to and from resorts are fully sanitised after every journey, according to standards set by relevant authorities. All in-house vehicles, and vessels used for excursions, are meticulously cleaned, and sanitized after every use. Our transport crew will follow strict hygiene guidelines and wear appropriate gear. While we enjoy communicating verbally with our guests, for the time being, we will be minimizing verbal interactions as an added precaution, and rely on instructional illustrations kept in the seat pockets of transport vehicles

  • What happens on arrival/depart from the resort?

    Our front desk staff and island hosts will assist you on arrival and departure. Our check-in procedures will minimize your touchpoints and maintain social distancing. For the safety of our guests, staff will refrain from hand shaking, for now. While we enjoy talking to our guests, for the time being, we will reduce face-to-face interactions and promptly direct you to our digital service platform. We encourage guest to make payments by credit or debit cards. All room keys, cards and face towels will be disinfected before handing out.

  • Do you have contactless check-in/check-out?

    Yes, we do. To facilitate contactless check-in/ check-out, our resorts will collect relevant information such as passport details before guests arrive. If prior collecting of such information is not possible, we will obtain such details from you, while minimizing contact. Sanitized registration cards will be sent to your room for signature and collected safely, if needed.

  • When on the property, do I have a host to stay in touch with?

    Yes, all our guests will be assigned a Host Contact and a one-touch service number will be provided for any assistance during the stay.

  • Do you have hotel guides, menus on digital format?

    Yes, you can view our digital guides and restaurant menus on your mobile phone or other personal electronic device. Our guides and menus are on lobby screens and can also be viewed on in-room televisions.

  • Do you have hotel guides, menus on digital format?

    Yes, you can view our digital guides and restaurant menus on your mobile phone or other personal electronic device. Our guides and menus are on lobby screens and can also be viewed on in-room televisions.

  • How do you change F&B services to address health and safety related to COVID-19?

    We have introduced spacing of seating in our restaurants and F&B outlets to ensure sufficient physical distancing according to safety standards. Split-service timing schedules are introduced in restaurants and other F&B outlets, based on the number of guests on the resort. This means all our guests will have pre-allocated seats/tables and timings. All F&B staff will wear appropriate protective gears, and all outlets will have cleaning/sanitizing arrangements throughout. Room Service will be available to all guests.

  • Could I get all my meals served in the room?

    Yes, in-room dining is available upon request. Our resorts serve daily meals in the main restaurant, and specialized means in respective restaurants.

  • Are there resort staff trained to handle COVID-19 related situations?

    Yes, our staff are well-trained to handle Covid-19 related situations and cases. All our staff have received specific Covid-19 related training, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and identifying symptoms of Covid-19. If anyone on a resort is suspected for Covid-19, specially trained staff will follow strict protocol to isolate the individual with confidence, and confidentiality. All our resorts have specially trained task forces to assist the guests and coordinate matters with relevant national authorities.

  • Do you have an in-house doctor or nurse?

    Our guests’ health has always been a priority in Villa resorts, and we have always operated in-house medical clinics in our resorts, even before Covid-19. Our in-house clinics are served by medical doctors or approved professionals and include relevant supplies.

  • Are the disinfectants used in the resorts safe?

    Certainly. We use disinfectants approved locally, meeting international standards.

  • What should I do if I get any symptoms?

    If you find/feel any symptoms, or simply feel unwell, immediately contact your island host or the hotel operator. We will respond promptly and follow established protocols. You will receive our utmost care and attention, and our heath task force will ensure quality care and hospitality. Upon arrival we will provide detailed information about what to do if you feel you are having symptoms or feel unwell.

  • Do you have COVID-19 testing facilities?

    Medical facilities approved by Health Protection Agency (HPA) of Maldives are authorized to conduct Covid-19 testing in the Maldives. Even though a testing is not available in the resort, should a need arise for testing, we will facilitate it for you by following guidelines set by HPA.

  • Do you have enough PPE?

    Yes, we have more than sufficient PPE for all our staff, and guests. We invite you to enjoy our resorts, confident of our health and safety measures and services.

  • How and who do I contact if I have any questions and clarification?

    Responding to your questions is our pleasure. If you have a question before you arrive related to COVID-19, or on anything else, please mail to us at

    While with us on the resort, our island hosts will be pleased to answer all your questions. You can also ask us by dialling guest services at 00 from your room.