Zero Wastage Chef Challenge Competition at Royal Island

17th July 2022

Royal Island Resort & Spa continued in its sustainable endeavours by arranging a Zero Wastage Chef Challenge Competition this month in the aim to minimize food wastage and progress in eco-friendly and sustainable commitments. Following the prestigious Green Key eco label award, the resort developed further strategies to reduce waste which is one of the most important elements of the Green Key criteria.

The Zero Wastage Chef Challenge involved providing in depth training to chefs and team members in their operations to transform food waste that would usually be disposed of into unique culinary delicacies. Utilizing innovative techniques and a creative approach, the team took the initiative to explore new ways to conserve the resorts vital resources.

A total of four teams each with ten chefs and additional assistants took part in the creative competition with awards presented to the teams who created the most spectacular dishes out of waste. The Zero Wastage Chef Challenge proved to be a great success and pave the way for a positive progression in sustainability.