Stargazing in Paradise

14th June 2021

A trip to the Maldives is always a good idea. For nature lovers who seek the adventurous outdoors there is nothing quite like the tropical scenery with its palm fringed white sandy beaches, and turquoise waters that beckon with an abundance of marine life and coral reefs to explore. The tropical archipelago is home to stunning atolls with islands surrounded by pristine lagoons, and an unforgettable natural beauty that comes alive as sun-drenched days turn to night. As fiery pink sunsets lead to intricate night skies scattered with stars, it’s clear to see why Maldives is one of the most magical destinations to spend the night on the beach stargazing.

The Maldives’s position on the equator means that both hemisphere’s stars are clearly visible,  providing a dazzling stargazing experience for loved ones to cherish during the trip of a lifetime. Minimal light pollution across the tropical archipelago allows for some of the most mesmerising celestial sights, with a high chance of spotting the milky way.

Ignite your passion for astronomical observations with your loved one in one of Villa Resorts secluded beach villas nestled by lush palms or from the sundeck of an overwater villa surrounded by the shimmering lagoon. The Maldives truly comes alive at night. For the ultimate glamping experience, discover the beauty of the star-studded sky as you lay back on the soft sands on one of Villa Hotels spacious beaches.