15th February 2022

This month one of the biggest skydiving events in the Maldives took place at Sun Island Resort located in South Ari Atoll. The event was held in partnership with the skydiving association of the Maldives. With pure adrenaline on the program from 4th – 11th February, over 120 skydivers jumped 12,000 feet from the aircraft with a freefall speed of up to 200km/hr. Each day around 15-16 jumps were scheduled for the group with the plane taking off from Villa International Airport Maamigili.

Video credit: @sergeyboytcov

Sun Island boasts an exotic world of breathtaking personality and genuine hospitality borne of the beautiful Maldivian culture and idyllic setting. Set on one of the largest Maldives islands measuring 1.6KM long and located in the pristine South Ari Atoll, the resort provided an idyllic base for the skydivers to experience the best of both worlds; from high above the atoll and underwater at spectacular diving spots in the atoll. The resort transformed into an adventure playground to explore an abundance of opportunity, celebrate the best of life and reconnect with nature.

Video credit: @jayalvarrez

The event brought together influencers and skydivers from around the world, with several extreme sports and adrenaline seekers including Sergey Boytcov, Jay Alvarrez, Giulia Calcaterra and Mario Fattoruso. The Maldives provide one of the safest environments for the adrenaline-fueled sport, with the opportunity to descend over the tropical islands of the Indian Ocean. Descending to soft pearl white beaches, whilst enjoying spectacular birds-eye views of South Ari Atoll and the resort, offered a once-in-a-lifetime experience for budding skydivers and experienced skydivers alike. The group experienced perfect weather conditions, with a light breeze and clear blue skies for days.

Photo credit: @sergeyboytcov

Photo credit: @giuliacalcaterra