Counting down to the NEYVAA 2 Freediving Event

29th September 2022

The countdown to the NEYVAA 2 freediving event has started with just one day until the record breaking event on the 1st October 2022 at 16:00. Villa Hotels & Resorts is currently preparing for the exciting Guinness world record event, NEYVAA 2 which will be held across each of the Villa Hotels & Resorts Maldives resorts as well as other resorts across the Maldives archipelago.

Neyvaa, translates to breath in the local Dhivehi language. The Neyvaa 2 event will attempt to set a new Guinness World record for the most people performing static apnea simultaneously. The Maldives clear tranquil waters are an idyllic locale for this record-breaking event. Freedive Maldives plan to have approximately 500 people performing static apnea with the official Guinness World record judges present to appraise the spectacular and first of its kind event.

Months of preparation for the event has taken place across all the Villa resorts led by diveOceanus and Freedive Maldives, with training and rehearsals preparing all team members to take part in the freediving event. The training started with learning the theory of freediving, equalisation, visualisation and stretching. Combining all these techniques allow one to become a successful freediver. A total of 31 participants from Royal Island, 29 participants from Paradise Island and 30 participants from Sun Island will take part on the day of the record breaking event.

NEYVAA 2 is set to break the previous NEYVAA event which was held on World Tourism Day on 1st October 2019 and successfully broke the Guinness World Record for the highest number of freedivers diving together simultaneously with a total of 521 participants. This record marked the sole world record held by the Maldives in the field of sports.

In addition to the NEYVAA Guinness World Record, earlier in the year Mr. Faisal Al Mowai achieved the fastest time to swim 1km open water (CID2) which he completed at Sun Island Resort & Spa in South Ari Atoll. Faisal achieved the record swim time of 52 minutes 31.14 seconds on 8 March 2022.

Freediving has certainly reached new depths in the Maldives with the upcoming NEYVAA 2 event anticipated to highlight the Maldives on the map for freedivers worldwide.