Join The Run at Sun

6th October 2021

As part of the celebrations for World Tourism Day, Sun Island Resort & Spa held a resort run around the extensive island which spans over 1.6km and boasts endless palm trees and a running track nestled by nature. Team members from various departments including housekeeping and engineering joined together with one main goal, to encourage an active and healthier way of life on island. Exercise stimulates a healthy mind and body and this new run activity aims to lead the way for wellness at the resort.

Villa Hotels & Resorts believe in the power of wellness and leading an active and healthy lifestyle. In a commitment to reach the optimal state of health for all team members, Sun Island Resort & Spa plans to hold the Fun Run regularly each month as part of enhancing overall wellbeing. Wellness is an active and dynamic process of change and growth to reach one’s fullest potential and with the right lifestyle changes it is possible to transform your life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), wellness is ‘the optimal state of health of individuals and groups and wellness is expressed as ‘a positive approach to living.’

In a commitment to boosting long term health and wellness at the resort, the Sun Island Resort & Spa Fun Run will take place regularly during the upcoming months, bringing together all team members. Happy team members equal a happy work environment. Wellness has a direct influence on overall health, which is essential for living a happy and fulfilled life.