Serenity of Soul and Peace of Mind on Global Wellness Day

9th June 2022

Global Wellness Day is a world-wide reminder of the importance of living well, encompassing a multitude of practices from exercise, beauty treatments, spiritual teachings, and harmony between mind, body, and spirit. Villa Hotels & Resorts invite guests at the resorts and around the world to join in celebrating Global Wellness Day on 11 June. This year’s theme is #ThinkMagenta with the idea to add colour to people’s thoughts and encourage positivity. Think Magenta is not just about being optimistic, it is about being realistic and no matter what happens to always choose joy.

The global event highlights the mantra ‘One day can change your life’ and with this in mind, Villa Hotels & Resorts aim to shine a spotlight on the benefits of healthy living and the best ways to incorporate wellness into everyday life. Each of Villa Hotels & Resorts properties have arranged a schedule of fitness and wellness activities in the hope to inspire guests and colleagues to prioritize their wellbeing on Global Wellness Day and beyond.

Paradise Island Resort & Spa are kicking off the activities with a morning walk with the Araamu Spa team, followed by swim and surfboard competitions, with the winners of both events to receive a signature relaxing massage from Araamu Spa. In the theme of team spirit and optimism, all guests are encouraged to join and take part regardless of their swim or surfing skills. The day will be completed with a relaxing yoga session at the Paradise Yoga Hut, a blissful sunset spot where guests can feel rested and rejuvenated at the end of an exciting day of activities.

Sun Island Resort & Spa will commence the activities with a yoga session at the tip of the island at the beautiful Mermaid beach. After a relaxing start to the day, guests are invited to experience a full health check-up whereby BMI, sugar levels, blood pressure and eye check-ups will be assessed by the resort doctor. In addition to physical health, there will also be a focus on mental health with guests and colleagues invited to talk with a psychologist in a quite space designed for restoring harmony in mind, body and soul. Moreover, fitness activities include walking around Sun Island, one of the largest islands in the Maldives, where guests will have the opportunity to admire the nature while improving their overall fitness levels.

Royal Island Resort & Spa have arranged several exciting wellness activities beginning with a walk around the island guided by the Araamu Spa team, followed by yoga photo contest where the winner of the best yoga tree pose will receive a 30 minutes champisage or back rejuvenator treatment in the peaceful and holistic spa setting. Resonating the mantra, ‘One Day can change your life’, Royal Island Resort will encourage guests to take a deep breath and free themselves from any cares or worries in the stunning UNESCO Biosphere Reserve location of Baa Atoll.

With a focus on detoxifying the body, healthy detox drinks and nutritious culinary options will be served throughout the day at each of the Villa Hotels & Resorts properties. The Global Wellness Day’s activities are set to take guests on a unique journey of fitness, wellness, and a truly holistic wellbeing experience in some of the Maldives most pristine environments designed to inspire serenity of soul and peace of mind.