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Flying High

Flying High

by Anonymous Traveller
21st October 2011 

The moment I got hooked on, my mind was wondering why? Why am I doing this? There are other things I could have done. But the moment I took off from the platform of the small speedboat, what I saw blew my mind. What I felt is hard to describe but I will try my best to do so from the beginning.

Before getting on the speedboat the helpful staff of the watersports gave me a safety briefing, and I was strapped on to a life jacket and a harness. After getting on the speedboat, we cruised around the island until we reached a good spot for takeoff. Yes I am talking about taking off on a piece of a canvas balloon, also called parasailing. It was an overwhelming and exciting feeling to even sign up for it. The parasail is connected to the speedboat through a wire; the harmony at which the boat and parasail worked together was just unparalleled to any synchronized act I have experienced.

Up there around 200 feet from sea level, the view is extraordinary. Imagine having a bird’s eye view, how they hunt for fish in the turquoise waters of the Maldives. It was breathtaking to see the lone turtle swimming minding his business and the school of dolphins going about their day of fun. I have never seen so many shades of blue. Small islands stretch out far into the distance with that turquoise and white ring of heaven surrounding them. The freedom felt flying on the parasail is not comparable to an airplane. I felt like superman. But like all good things, everything has to come to an end, descending was the worst part, when you don’t want to come down. Can I stay here for one more minute, was my mind pleading. The true colors of the Maldives can not only be experienced from under the sea but also from the top. Parasailing was an overwhelming experience for me. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me among the excitement. If you are planning to parasail in Maldives don’t forget your camera and a whole lot of enthusiasm. I was lucky enough to experience it in Paradise Island Resort and Sun Island Resort, and will definitely do it again. 

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