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Location & Directions

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Royal Island Resort & Spa

The seaplane journey from Malé International Airport to our majestic Baa Atoll resort is the perfect scene setter. The view from the window is breathtakingly beautiful and unique to the Maldives. Submerged reefs, resorts and desert islands dot the interior of the atolls. The vibrant colour palette is a dazzling burst of blue, turquoise, green, and ivory. Beauty and simplicity is the promise, and our captivating Baa Atoll hotel delivers on that promise, adding a dash of personal luxury.

How To Reach Our Baa Atoll Resort

It is a smooth journey by seaplane from the main airport to Baa Atoll. The Trans Maldivian Airways twin-otter float plane takes 35 minutes to reach the Royal Island platform. Before departure, Trans Maldivian Airways provides guests with the comfort of waiting in the Royal Lounge owned and operated by Royal Island. Once the seaplane reaches the Royal Island platform, a local boat will transport guests to our Horubadhoo resort in a brisk 5-minute journey.

Escape to sheer seclusion and solitude at Royal Island Resort & Spa. Relax, explore the deserted shores, snorkel amidst kaleidoscopic reefs and marine life, or just take a stroll along the waterline with the gentle tropical breeze at your back. Book your reservations at our Baa Atoll hotel directly through this site and enjoy substantial savings.

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